Metis Aerial Services has a team of highly qualified and experienced drone operators, that can provide high quality aerial photography, video and survey work drone services. Using state of the art technology, we can fulfil a range of requirements, from inspecting industrial areas to surveying large construction sites through to high definition photography and 4K video footage.

We are able to provide outputs from raw photo and video footage for the customer to use as needed to outputs such as completed films, edited photos and results of photogrammetry such as 3D models, point clouds and geo-referenced images.

We offer CAA qualified & experienced drone operators using the latest technology to provide high quality aerial photography, video & survey work.


Panoramic Shots

12 Megapixels

Full Photo Editing Capability

Advertising, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Weddings & Corporate Events

Unique Perspective


4K Camera

Live Streaming

Advertising, Corporate Videos, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Weddings & Events

Camera Operator

Professional Video Editing



BIM Compatible

Construction Sites

Real Estate



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For further information, or to request our UAV services, please call 01522 963125, e-mail or complete our contact form.

Professional Drone Hire

The commercial production of aerial photographs and/or video without a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), “Permission for Commercial Work” is against the law. Here at METIS we hold a valid and current, “Permission for Commercial Work”. If someone offers to carry out aerial photography and/or filming for you, on a commercial basis, insist on seeing their CAA “Permission for Commercial Work” certificate. We’ll gladly show you a copy of ours.

Last modified: March 8, 2017

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