SKYPERION can provide accurate, real-time detection of UAV presence to protect critical infrastructure from attack

There are increasing threats from hostile forces using UAVs to cause large-scale harm or disruption. Unmanned aircraft can easily be used for surveillance and delivery of explosives to damage critical infrastructure, such as nuclear, water, gas and electric facilities, bridges, communication networks and other assets, the destruction of which would cause debilitating effects on public safety and security.

Authorities and utility companies can use SKYPERION to distinguish UAVs from other common electronic sources, providing advance warning of drone activity near critical infrastructure.


  • Provide real-time alerts, allowing for prompt interception of UAVs
  • Detect UAV flyovers used for reconnaissance, preventing future attacks
  • Report location and directional data for the UAV, including the location of the handset and operator
  • Retain alert data as digital evidence for subsequent legal proceedings

Last modified: October 31, 2016

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