HYPERION COMINT/SIGINT system.  A compact, modular and scalable system with a minimal SWaP designed to operate stand-alone or as part of a network of nodes to provide you with Spectrum Awareness and  Spectrum Analysis.  Hyperion allows highly accurate signal detection, geolocation and tracking of RF signals of interest with I/Q streaming allowing on board recording/processing and/or Reach Back allowing RF Spectrum exploitation customised to the customers requirements.

As a stand-alone fixed or mobile sensor HYPERION can utilise Power on Arrival (POA), and/or Angle of Arrival (AOA) methods; when part of a wider network (>3) of HYPERION sensors offer highly accurate  Time Difference on Arrival (TDOA) geolocation.

Whether the requirement is to determine changes from a baseline or exploitation of signals of interest the HYPERION system allows flexible configuration, allowing it to be fitted to almost any mobile platform from a dismounted soldier, wheeled vehicles, lightweight UAV/Octo-copters all the way up to large manned ISTAR platforms.

Using on-board processing HYPERION can be a switch on and forget to operate as a collection sensor allowing transparent access for other users, or it can be operated as a hands on tool allowing users full analytical capability. Used as a transparent node HYPERION can record the streamed I/Q to storage for bandwidths/signals of interest or with a light touch pass fixing data to the network. It can also be tasked dynamically against signals of interest remotely. I/Q data can be streamed on request real-time remotely dependent on the data-link bandwidth limitations.

Hyperion signal detection

The system allows not just Strategic support but real-time Tactical exploitation and is scalable to support small foot patrols only interested in their immediate patrol area right up to Force Headquarters allowing Commanders informed theatre decision making capabilities.

Metis are currently integrating Geo-physical information and data-basing that provides the user with smart fused tactical and strategic information in a wide variety of formats.

Hyperion is designed as open architecture signal detection system to allow integration with minimal restriction into a wide variety of mission systems and is design to support Single Intelligence Environments.

Hyperion is designed for Land/Air & Maritime and is developed to integrate with the CFRS(Cambridge) Ltd static land nodes to create a fully integrated system.

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Last modified: November 24, 2016

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