METIS Aerospace Ltd is pleased to launch our new service – METIS UAV Services.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced UAV (un-manned air vehicle) pilots available for a variety of aerial surveying and inspection needs.  Using state of the art technology, we can fulfil a range of requirements, from inspecting industrial chimneys, through to surveying large construction sites.  Specifically, we can provide customers with aerial support through the use of the latest UAV technologies, sensors and software, to conduct the following actions:

  • Roof and Chimney inspection – save time and money in erecting scaffolding and  manual inspection.
  • Solar Panel Inspection – we can scan your solar installation to identify panels not working to optimum standards.
  • Wind Turbine Inspection – save significant time and money and improve safety by reducing the requirement to work at height.
  • Thermal inspection – identify where heat is escaping from your premises, helping you identify where to concentrate resource efficiency measures.
  • Design – help your investors and potential tenants visualize the view they will see when looking out of their office window or apartment balcony.
  • Construction Site Surveys – save time and money by surveying sites up-to 50 times faster than traditional, ground based methods.

For further information or to request support, please call 01522 963125, e-mail, or complete our contact form.

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Last modified: October 7, 2016

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