Metis Aerospace Ltd are pleased to announce the launch their new UAV Detection Service.

Commonly known as ‘Drones’, UAVs are readily available from high street shops and can be flown within a few minutes of purchasing.  Whilst there are many lawful uses of UAVs, in the wrong hands they can be easily adapted to carry a range of payloads, from cameras to explosive devices. The results range from simple nuisance and antisocial behaviour through to injury and threat to life.

UAVs have been flown accidentally, or deliberately, invading the privacy of individuals,  flown near sensitive areas such as nuclear power stations as well as being used to steal commercially sensitive information by spying. There are numerous incidents where UAVs have been used to transport drugs, mobile phones and even weapons into prisons and there are an increasing number of reports of UAVs and manned aircraft coming close enough to warrant Civil Aviation Authority formal reporting.

METIS use a radio frequency spectrum monitoring system to detected, identify and track the radio control and data link signals from the UAV and control system combined with an optical system that can automatically detect, identify and track UAV.  Both systems working together provide the awareness required to protect an area for extended periods of time in a cost effective manner from UAV.

Speaking from Rotterdam at the AOC EW Europe Event, METIS CEO, Tony Burnell said: “This innovative service provides the ability to gain the early warning required to protect individuals, groups, aircraft and facilities from unlawful use of UAVs in a cost effective manner ”.

METIS will formally launch the UAV Detection service at their stand C11 on Wednesday 11th May.

For further information on METIS Aerospace Ltd, and its products and services, please contact Tony Burnell, 01522 963125.

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Last modified: October 7, 2016

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