METIS Aerospace Product Development team follow a partnership approach along with a commitment to excellence in searching for the very best technologies to integrate within products to meet our customers requirements for advancement across Aerospace, Defence, Security, Surveillance and Commercial markets.

Successful companies rely on new products to keep them ahead of their competition. However moving from the initial conception or requirement, through to the development of new products quickly and cost effectively needs knowledge, competence and experience which can be found at METIS Aerospace.  Technical acumen alongside, commercial experience in conjunction with project management skills provide a strong foundation in achieving the right product to the right market at the right time.

Our range of skills, in-house capabilities and broad industry experience combine with proven processes can and do deliver tangible results.  Throughout the product development journey, the partnership and consultative approach ensures that together we meet the agreed strategic objectives. We understand your commercial drivers and the need for you to have that competitive edge in a challenging market place.

We add value to every step of your journey; and when you take this journey with us, it is with confidence and assurance.

 From Prototype to Production

Our team of industry specialists, designers and engineers work with you to:

  • define your product requirements
  • develop achievable product concepts
  • integrate product design
  • deliver rapid prototypes if required
  • review and evaluate form, fit and function
  • deliver the product to manufacturing

This result in an agile, efficient and effective product development process that delivers the right balance of quality, speed, cost and innovation.


Last modified: October 31, 2016

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