METIS Aerospace Ltd have a high proportion of instructor qualified SME’s with extensive recent and relevant operational experience and knowledge as well as DSAT compliance.

Our main priority is offering a range of high quality and innovative training services to meet the development, educational and operational needs of our customers. Based on our flexible and multi-skilled workforce, supported by a long standing and deep ethos in this field, supported by highly skilled trainers with real-time operational experience in the aerospace and defence field, this ensures that we can meet the unique requirements and commitments of military service. Working in partnership with our customers, we develop agile training solutions that deliver outstanding results.

The diversity of training that METIS Aerospace can offer, supported by our instructors’ experience and subject knowledge along with the quality of training output come together to make METIS Aerospace highly regarded in this field.  However, as you would expect in this ever changing arena we continually review and develop better and more efficient training to ensure that training delivery remains cost effective and operationally relevant both now and well into the future.

METIS Aerospace is committed to improving operational effectiveness and providing value for money, so our customers can rely on our cost effective continuous improvement.  This could be delivered through short term based services or longer term based contracts.  METIS can be trusted to deliver.

We currently have a number of specialist courses under development. These include Aerosystem modules, Special Signals, AIR EW/COMINT and Imagery/SAR courses.

We are able to offer the customer a bespoke course design and delivery.

For further information on this service, please contact us on 01522 963125, e-mail enquiries@metisaerospace.com or use our contact form.

Last modified: October 28, 2016

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