UAV Detection


METIS Aerospace Ltd is proud to offer our managed service – UAV Detection Service. This service provides you the customer with a fully deployed system to all for the detection, identification, location and tracking of unauthorised unmanned air vehicles – UAV – activity.  The UAV Detection Service can include additional plug-in sensors such as Radar; Thermal IR cameras and even EW Mitigation systems to support the standard RF and EO camera standard deployment configuration.

How can we do this?

Using our SKYPERION – Counter UAV solution, we can deploy the system in a professional and efficient manner to allow the end user to identify when and where there is UAV activity and provide early warning to safety and security teams.

The system can be deployed to protect both fixed and temporary sites, our managed services will include:

Fixed Site Service

Critical sites, such as Airports, Nuclear Power Plants, Government Buildings would benefit from a permanent or long term deployment . METIS Aerospace can deploy the SKYPERION solution on-site to provide agreed coverage with 24-hour sensor monitoring either integrated into the end customers Control or Security room, or if required directly back to the METIS Aerospace Operations hub, manned 24 hours per day.  Alarms and Reporting requirements can be synchronised with your security and surveillance.

Temporary Site Monitoring

Specifically designed for short duration, targetted areas, open air events such as VIP events, festivals and sporting events.  The SKYPERION system can be deployed in a short period of time, with direct communications back to our on-site control unit, providing you with all the full capabilities of the SKYPERION solution.

Based on your specific requirements we can provide detailed quotes.

For further information on this service, please contact us on 01522 963125, e-mail enquiries@metispaerospace.com or use our contact form.

Last modified: May 31, 2018

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