VIP Protection


SKYPERION – Protecting against UAV activity that threatens personal safety, privacy and property

Celebrities, executives, dignitaries, and others with personal security concerns can utilise SKYPERION for advanced detection and warning of UAV presence.

SKYPERION can identify UAV activity within the RF spectrum, offering a highly sensitive system, therefore delivering a good probability of interception in conjunction with a low false-alarm rate.  The software interface allows simple alarms to be configured and implemented to provide an early warning system to protect their privacy.

SKYPERION can be installed as fixed installations and temporary sites for special events protection.


  • Geolocate signals associated with UAV activity, including the handset.
  • Reinforce personal safety, privacy, or protection of property
  • Monitor the RF air space, providing protection beyond the capabilities of a camera, gate, or wall
  • Provide advanced alerts, removing the element of surprise commonly relied upon by paparazzi and other offenders
  • Provide data from alerts that can be retained as evidence for any future legal proceedings

Last modified: October 31, 2016

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