We are METIS Aerospace

METIS Aerospace is dedicated to offering intelligent solutions to monitor Radio Frequency signals.  With a range of applications across military and commercial markets, our mission is to design specialist products and services to counter unauthorised UAV activity.  

Our capabilities integrate with existing security measures to protect armed forces, critical infrastructure, individual and institutional privacy, and public safety.   


The Drone Threat

Drones are an invaluable technological tool.  They can be deployed to search for survivors in earthquakes, to pinpoint specific crops in need of pesticides, and to film magnificent video footage. The limits of the possibilities and benefits of UAV technology is yet to be imagined. However, so too is their potential for danger and disruption.  The recent stark rise in the number of drones in operation heightens the risk of their malicious or accidental misuse.

In the wrong hands, UAVs offer an ideal device for espionage, illegal filming, and terrorist activity. Those who seek to cause harm and disruption are able to load payloads onto drones capable of smuggling contraband into prisons, detonating explosive devices, and illegally recording sporting or musical events.  Hostile actors can manipulate drone technology with little fear of retribution.  Drones can be small and difficult to spot.  They can fly continuously for 30 minutes and batteries can be changed easily and quickly.  Even swarms of thousands of drones can fly autonomously or be operated by a single controller, who can be located as far as 8km away. 


Our Solutions

Following extensive trials, a number of international airports have acquired our game-changing SKYPERION drone detection system.  As a passive system, SKYPERION works to make sense of the RF spectrum within a 4km radius without emitting or disrupting RF signals.  This makes SKYPERION an ideal solution for covertly detecting both a UAV and its controller to counter unwanted or illegal drone activity.

METIS Aerospace Ltd is also involved with the prestigious MIDAS project, which is funded by the European Space Agency. In addition, we are also working with the University of Lincoln in the Innovate UK funded project “Autonomous and Intelligent UAV Detection”. 



Our team at METIS Aerospace benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of specialist subjects including Air, Electronic Warfare (EW), Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).


Product Development

The product development team at METIS Aerospace approach collaboration with other expert teams as a partnership.  To meet customer requirements, we are committed to finding and developing the best solutions and technologies to integrate with products across the Aerospace, Defence, Security, Surveillance and Commercial markets.



METIS Aerospace utilises well-established and trusted techniques to locate the Signal of Interest (SOI): Angle of Arrival (AOA) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA).