Who we are

Based in Lincolnshire, METIS Aerospace Ltd. is an agile, dynamic Aerospace and Defence company. METIS solutions are changing the face of the Commercial and Military Markets.

Metis Aerospace Ltd was formed in 2011 – Tony Burnell headed the company as CEO. The company started out by providing technical support services to military organisations and their suppliers before branching out into developing its own software integrated with hardware and enlarging the METIS team.

Currently, the company is developing the SKYPERION drone detection system which has been trialled at airports and across the UK and other countries. Metis is also involved with the European Space Agency funded MIDAS project it is also the lead participant for the Innovate UK funded project “Autonomous and Intelligent UAV Detection” in which the company is working with the University of Lincoln.

What we do

We provide specialist and commercial products, services and support for a range of applications, tailored R & D programs, Test and Evaluation and independent technical advice across the aviation spectrum.

Our Solutions