SKYPERION UAV detection offers comprehensive protection from terrorists, protesters, vandals, or disruptive fans at sports stadia and public events

SKYPERION can provide security to commercial facilities and large scale venues. Theme parks, stadiums, parks and other major, high traffic visitor attractions can be protected by either a fixed or temporary installation. SKYPERION can integrate into existing security systems for highly accurate detection and real-time alerts.


Provide three-dimensional monitoring, covering the ground and heights inaccessible to human security

Preserve alert data as digital evidence for subsequent legal action

Help reduce legal liabilities

Transport to temporary locations

Safeguard spectators and participants from bodily harm or distraction and supplements executive protection of VIP’s

Protect proprietary footage or information by preventing unauthorised recording and transmission

Integrate into existing security procedures


The presence of UAV may compromise protected information such as the construction of a new attraction, activity on a film set, or a facility’s research. A UAV can also threaten public safety should it crash into a populated area. Using SKYPERION to detect threats in advance, commercial facilities reduce the potential for injury, privacy breaches, and lawsuits.

Event Security

Concerts, sporting events, film sets, and other highly visible activities each bring unique risks to public safety and commercial property. Events with high entertainment value or newsworthiness are prime opportunities to spy, harass, harm, or illegally record using UAVs. Even drone operators with no malicious intent can cause injury if their aircraft accidentally crashes into a crowd.

Event security teams can use SKYPERION to monitor all dimensions of an event space, on the ground and in the air. SKYPERION can provide temporary coverage for special events – even in locations with minimal infrastructure, such as golf courses or open air festival venues.

Stadiums and Other Large-Scale Venues

UAVs can capture a birds-eye view of large-scale events like football games, concerts and other major outdoor events. They can freely infiltrate gated environments and avoid capture by security on the ground. This makes consumer drones ideal tools for the unlicensed recording and transmission of footage. They can also be a source of distraction and risk causing bodily harm if they crash in a crowded area.

Stadiums can use SKYPERION to protect audiences, players, and property. Our sensors are deployed around exterior and interior perimeters, providing three-dimensional monitoring of stadium grounds and surrounding airspace.