Critical Infrastructure

SKYPERION provides advanced warning of drone activity near important buildings and sites

Protection for Critical Infrastructure

SKYPERION can protect critical infrastructure from an attack by providing accurate, real-time Drone detection. Hostile actors are increasingly using Drones to cause large-scale harm and disruption. Unmanned aircraft can now easily be used for surveillance or delivering explosives capable of damaging important buildings and sites. Nuclear sites, gas and electricity facilities, bridges, communication networks and other assets are all vulnerable. In addition to significant financial cost, their destruction would bring major disruption to public safety and security.

SKYPERION and Government Security

SKYPERION provides stronger protection for governments and can integrate with any existing defences and security systems.  Drones are easily acquired and can operate with very little training.  Their accessibility ensures that they provide enemies or those wishing to cause harm and disruption with a new and creative tool to penetrate highly secure environments. Mobility and low visibility make them highly effective resources for those aiming to survey or damage key governmental sites or officials.  The malicious use of Drones provides their controllers with the opportunity to cause physical harm, harassment or reconnaissance, which poses a threat to persons, property and restricted information.  SKYPERION is a valuable ally for law enforcement, the military and governmental facilities to reinforce defences against hostile forces.


Governmental facilities are logical targets for espionage and terrorism.  A single intrusion could have devastating effects on national security, public heath and public safety.  SKYPERION’s technology compliments existing security systems to provide more thorough surveillance and to help neutralise potential threats.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement recognise that drone technology has a wide range of criminal uses. Drones can disrupt, disable or illegally monitor law enforcement operations. SKYPERION’s early detection of suspicious drone presence can help the police to guard against espionage and sabotage.

Homeland Security

The Home Office is aware that drones have the potential and capability to disrupt and undermine national security.  Criminals and terrorists can use Drones to monitor security operations, capture sensitive information, or transport and detonate explosive payloads.  SKYPERION protects the security of our nation through early drone detection and identification.

Skyperion protection


Provides real-time alerts, allowing for prompt interception of Drones


Detects Drone flyovers used for reconnaissance, preventing future attacks


Reports location and directional data for the Drone, including the location of both handset and operator


Provides advanced alerts, removing the element of surprise relied upon by paparazzi and other offenders


Retains alert data as digital evidence for subsequent legal proceedings.