Prison Security

SKYPERION enables the detection of Drones that are being used to smuggle contraband into prisons

SKYPERION and Prison Security

Prisons are increasingly facing challenges from smugglers, who use drones to deliver drugs, weapons, mobile phones and other forms of contraband. Drone detection is critical to maintain the highest standards of security. Prisons can use SKYPERION to monitor the perimeter, local airspace and centralised facilities to give an advanced warning of drone activity. Providing support to law enforcement agencies, SKYPERION can significantly contribute to a prison’s safety and security.

The SKYPERION sensors can be co-located with Electro-Optic (EO) sensors near exterior boundaries, whilst being managed and maintained remotely. The system is linked to a browser-based interface allowing users to view activity in real-time. Once a drone is detected, SKYPERION auto-alerts and raises an alarm.

Skyperion protection


Provides advanced warning of consumer-grade drones commonly used by smugglers and other unauthorized users


Geolocates signals associated with drone activity, including the handset


Contributes to comprehensive surveillance by monitoring airspace as well as ground perimeters


Transports to temporary locations


Supplements and integrate with existing security systems for swift law enforcement response


Preserves data from alerts for use as digital evidence in legal proceedings