VIP Protection

SKYPERION protects VIPs from drone activity that threatens personal property, privacy and safety

SKYPERION and VIP Protection

Celebrities, executives, dignitaries and other persons with security concerns can use SKYPERION for advanced drone detection and warning.  SKYPERION identifies drone activity accurately and has a low false-alarm rate.  The software interface allows for the configuration and implementation of simple alarms to provide an early warning system that protects a client’s safety and privacy.  For special events, SKYPERION can be installed at both fixed and temporary sites.

SKYPERION Protection


Geolocates signals associated with drone activity and the operator’s handset.


Reinforces personal safety, privacy, or protection of property


Monitors the RF air space, providing protection beyond the capabilities of a camera, gate, or wall


Provides advanced alerts and removes the element of surprise relied upon by paparazzi and other offenders


Provides data from alerts that can be retained as evidence for any future legal proceedings