Superior signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems.

Reveal the bigger picture. Detect, track, monitor and intercept signals of interest with our proven, highly accurate signals intelligence (SIGINT) solutions.

When it comes to protecting the lives of your people, or your interests and assets, information is everything. The more you know, the better decisions you can make, and the greater your shot at successfully neutralising whatever it is that’s threatening to compromise your operations. But as these threats become more and more sophisticated, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for those looking to combat them to do so effectively.  

Until now, that is. Agile, scalable and rapidly deployable, Hyperion is our advanced signals intelligence (SIGINT) solution. By leveraging the latest in radio frequency technology, Hyperion is capable of providing users with full spectrum awareness and analysis. Essentially, it’s the key to greater situational awareness and better decision-making, regardless of terrain or environment.  

Designed for land, air and maritime application, its flexible, modular design means it can be successfully integrated with almost all mobile platforms – from wheeled vehicles to light-weight drones, to octocopters and large manned Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) platforms.  

With over ten years of experience delivering impactful signals intelligence solutions to a multitude of clients across the globe, our team of experts are ready to work with you to solve even your most complex of challenges with Hyperion.  


Intelligent, one-of-a-kind signals intelligence (SIGINT) solutions.

Hyperion is scalable for work in a variety of environments and domains, from guiding small foot patrols to aiding decision-making back at headquarters. 

Hyperion is a sensor that can work automatically or be used manually. If you turn it on and leave it alone, it will meticulously collect data for you. But should you choose, it can be operated as a hands-on tool, offering real-time, actionable capabilities. 

Hyperion can be fitted to almost any mobile platform, from wheeled vehicles to lightweight drones, octocopters and large manned ISTAR platforms.  

Hyperion can be easily added to many different types of mission systems. It can also help support other systems that gather information from signals. 


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