About METIS Aerospace

Our History

Our team at METIS Aerospace Ltd have dedicated the past five years to develop specialist signals intelligence solutions.  CEO Tony Burnell founded the company in 2011 with a mission to provide technical support to defence organisations.  Early success in this field led to an ambitious research and development phase.  Consequently, our team at METIS embarked on developing our own innovative products that are capable of  analysing the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum.  Above all, we aimed to give real-time warning of any identified threats in the surrounding airspace.   As a result, we are proud to have developed our SKYPERION drone detection system and our HYPERION signals intelligence solution.

Product Development

With an established track-record, our products allow for an improved understanding of the Radio Frequency spectrum.  For example, many international airports have tested and integrated SKYPERION into their existing security defences.  The multi-sensor system enhances current security procedures by alerting staff to any dangerous or suspicious UAV activity.  SKYPERION  does not only identify the presence and whereabouts of a drone, but it also has the capability to locate a UAV controller.  Therefore, it becomes possible to prosecute any illegal or dangerous misuse of drones.

In addition to these solutions, our team at METIS contribute to the MIDAS project, which the European Space Agency funds.  Furthermore, we are the main participant of an Innovate UK project alongside the University of Lincoln.


Our Solutions