Meet our Team

Tony Burnell, CEO at METIS Aerospace Ltd, initially set-up the company in 2011 and began trading in 2013.  With  niche experience and expertise acquired whilst serving in the RAF, our team initially provided technical support to military organisations and their prime contractors.  In 2014, the company embarked on a research and development programme, which led to the creation and development of HYPERION signals intelligence system.  The success of this phase led to an increase in staff and further investment.  SKYPERION, our most in-demand capability, has become a vital solution to counter dangerous UAV activity for a range of applications.  With the support of SKYPERION and our expert team, it is now possible to determine and manage the presence, whereabouts and threat of a UAV within a given perimeter.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team at METIS Aerospace can readily draw upon an extensive network of contacts.  In addition to their technical qualifications, experience and contacts in the industry, our team have extensive and recent operational experience in a wide-range of theatres.  Our staff have attained Aerosystems qualifications and have collectively amassed over 150,000 hours of flight experience.

Our staff are trained in platform selection and procurement and are knowledgeable in the release to test service and in test to evaluation.  Many have had experience in posts throughout the Air ISTAR cadre, including leading roles on the Rivet Joint, Boeing E-3D Sentry, Sentinel R MK1, Nimrod R MK1, MR2 and MRA4, Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), Tornado GR4, Typhoon and a wide range of UAV/RPAS platforms.

Tony Burnell

Tony Burnell CEO

Tony joined the RAF in 1991 and, amongst other senior positions, worked in anti-submarine warfare and signals intelligence. After leaving the air service in 2012, Tony founded METIS Aerospace to provide technical advice to the military.  Initial success in this field led to investment in research and development.  In 2014, Tony and the METIS team began developing SKYPERION and HYPERION.  As CEO, Tony is responsible for sales and decision-making.

Alex Cruickshanks

Alex Cruickshanks CTO

Alex is responsible for the design, development and integration of radio frequency (RF) elements of the SKYPERION and HYPERION Sensors. This includes, defining processes and procedures for RF engineering tasks, designing, developing and testing systems, and working with the software team to develop, build and test prototypes.

Lee Carter

Lee Carter Principle Software Engineer

On achieving a First-Class BSc (Hons) degree in Computing, Lee joined the Ministry of Defence as a Civilian Scientist.  After devoting several years to the Electronic Warfare Avionics Detachment, Lee left the MOD to work for a market leader in voice and data recording where he was a key member of the original team responsible for developing the company’s flagship voice recording platform.  Lee brings to the METIS Aerospace team many years of experience in developing the highest quality software and delivering products to customers that exceed expectations.

Richard Hands

Richard Hands Head of Projects

Richard is a Project Manager and test specialist with a vast experience of test and evaluation and managing projects in the RAF. He is currently managing our Innovate UK and MIDAS projects and working with many external clients to bring the projects to fruition.

Adrian Dorr

Adrian Dorr Finance Director

Adrian qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1991 and completed an MBA in 2006. Since then, he has had a career in senior financial roles with a variety of organisations including Plessey, McKechnie, Siemens, Nuffield Hospitals and more recently, as Finance Director of an SME in the Automotive sector.  Adrian joined the METIS team as FD in March 2018.

Helen Hives

Helen Hives Legal Manager

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Abi Dorr

Abi Dorr Project Manager

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After completing a PhD in 2018, Abi joined our team as a Project Manager.  Abi’s role at METIS Aerospace includes quality assurance, project management and supporting with marketing.


Marek Žuži

Marek Žuži Software Engineer

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Marek joined our team after moving to the UK from Brno, Czech Republic where he acquired a MSc degree in Computer Graphics, worked on various computer graphics research projects, and gained several years’ experience in software development. In METIS Aerospace Marek is part of the software development process and implements parts of the system including computer vision.

Stuart Andrews

Stuart Andrews Software Engineer

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