METIS Aerospace fully understands that there are diverse operational requirements and can respond with the right off-the-shelf or bespoke solution to meet any need. 

As key in-theatre resources, user demands dictate the design of Electronic Warfare (EW) and military communications.  To be effective, resources must consider the optimum size, weight, power, cost and necessary changes in requirements.  Any deployed system must be as autonomous as possible, scalable, upgradable and make effective use of the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum. Wideband performance is a core requirement of EW and so demand for capabilities has increased in recent years.  Operational requirements now include the ability to counter agile radar systems, the utilisation of network-based IP-centric communications, and the potential to combat threats from remote-triggered improvised explosive devices.

METIS Aerospace meet these demands and requirements to employ flexible wideband that can enable cognitive analysis of all the threats in an environment.  The highly knowledgeable and experienced in-house staff at METIS Aerospace can readily draw upon an extensive network of over 40 associated Air ISTAR experts when required.  In addition to their technical qualifications, experience and contacts in the industry, our team have extensive and recent operational experience in a wide-range of theatres.  Our staff have attained Aerosystems qualifications and have collectively amassed over 150,000 hours of flight experience.

Our team have had leading roles in ground and flight instruction, including course design and validation, and programme and project management.  Trained in platform selection and procurement, our staff are knowledgeable in the release to test service and in test to evaluation.  Many have had experience in posts throughout the Air ISTAR cadre, including leading roles on the Rivet Joint, Boeing E-3D Sentry, Sentinel R MK1, Nimrod R MK1, MR2 and MRA4, Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), Tornado GR4, Typhoon and a wide range of UAV/RPAS platforms.

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