HYPERION communications intelligence/signals system is compact, modular and scalable with minimal SWaP.  It can operate alone or as part of a wider network to provide Spectrum Awareness and Spectrum Analysis. HYPERION allows for highly accurate signal detection, geolocation and tracking of Radio Frequency (RF) Signals of Interest (SOI).  I/Q streaming provides on-board recording and processing and/or Reach Back  The flexibility that HYPERION offers ensures it can be fully customised to a user’s requirements.

Advanced Technology

Accurate and Timely

High Probability of Interception

Highly Configurable

As a stand-alone fixed or mobile sensor, HYPERION uses the Power of Arrival (POA) and/or the Angle of Arrival (AOA).  When part of a wider network of sensors, the system can also offer highly accurate Time Difference on Arrival (TDOA) geolocation.

Whether HYPERION is required to determine changes from a baseline or exploit signals of interest, the system allows flexible configuration.  It can be fitted to almost any mobile platform from wheeled vehicles to light-weight UAVs, Octocopters and large manned ISTAR platforms.

As a collection sensor, HYPERION can be switched on and largely left to its own devices, which provides transparent access for other users.  Alternatively, it can be operated as a hands-on tool, offering full analytical capability.  As a transparent node, HYPERION can record the dtreamed I/Q to storage for bandwidths and signals of interest.  It can even fix data to the network with a light touch pass.  Working remotely, HYPERION can be tasked dynamically against signals of interest and I/Q data can be streamed in real-time, depending on bandwidth limitations.

HYPERION Signal Detection

Strategic Support and Real-time Tactical Exploitation

The system allows for both the strategic support and real-time tactical exploitation. It is scaleable enough to work in a variety of contexts; from guiding small foot patrols to aiding decision-making at force headquarters.

Compatible with Krypto500/Krypto1000

Krypto500/Krypto1000 allows HYPERION to be used online (live) and offline (post-mission), which gives the flexibility to adapt your missions and requirements. The Krypto suites are fully compatible with commercial data standards like VITA49 and NATO and allied standards like MidasBlue.

Open Architecture

HYPERION is an open architecture signal detection system.  With minimal restrictions, it can be integrated into a wide range of mission systems and support Single Intelligence Environments. METIS Aerospace are currently integrating geophysical information and data-basing to provide users with tactical and strategic information in a wide variety of formats. 

Compatible with CFRS

HYPERION is designed for land, air and maritime applications and can work with CFRS (Cambridge) Ltd static land nodes to create a fully integrated system.