The ready availability of UAVs, or drones, is becoming increasingly problematic.  In the wrong hands, they can be easily adapted to carry a range of payloads; from cameras to explosive devices.  A rise in the misuse of drones may not only lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour and disruptive behaviour, but an increase in personal injury, breaches of national security and the loss of life.

As a multi-sensor counter drone solution, SKYPERION provides timely, accurate and actionable understanding of UAV activity in a given area.  The range of sensors and their advanced detection techniques ensure a high probability of interception and a low false-alarm rate across a variety of applications.  SKYPERION works to target suspicious UAV activity but its capability to provide an understanding across the whole Radio Frequency Spectrum enables the system to also counter other forms of threatening aerial devices.


Advanced Technology

Accurate and Timely

High Probability of Interception

Highly Configurable

SKYPERION is designed to integrate into a configurable, flexible network of deployed sensors with a single, easy-to-use software interface.  All sensors contribute to the final decision-making process where information is presented to the user to allow clear and distinct responses.

The operator of a SKYPERION system is able to detect, identify, track and report unauthorised UAVs operating within a defined area.  The system remains operational in all weathers, day and night, and requires the minimum number of operators to function effectively.  SKYPERION works well with other counter UAV capabilities and can be upgraded when necessary to deal with new challenges.

The simple software interface integrates all the sensors deployed into a single solution.  The software is fully configurable to suit the needs of any operator. An experienced operator can benefit from a two-tier operation to access ore detailed information if required.  The systems can also be configured using artificial intelligence to operate autonomously, maximising efficiency.

SKYPERION uses a minimum of two sensors to detect and geolocate a UAV and its controller.  More sensors can be added to suit specific customer requirements and extend coverage over a wider area.  The number of systems deployed is relevant to the size and shape of the area needing counter-UAV protection.

The system takes the operator through the various steps of identifying, confirming and reporting a UAV, these being:

Possible UAV (One characteristic):

Dependent upon the sensors’ range, a UAV is deemed possible if a Radio Frequency (RF) signature is seen via the long-range detection system.  The operator may be able to see the video transmitter or the controller link, both of which normally have very clear signatures.

Probable UAV (2 logically related characteristics):

A second detection result suggests that a UAV is probable.  This is determined when both the controller and the video signal link are present on the interface in the same vicinity.  At this stage, it is possible to track an object’s location and so identify the flight path of a UAV.

Certain UAV (Visual contact by a trained observer or automated system):

If an Electro-Optical (EO) sensor is integrated in SKYPERION, the camera automatically skews to the line of bearing when a signal is detected.  This gives the operator the opportunity to visually confirm the presence of a drone.

UAV to type (e.g. Phantom II/Phantom III/Inspire):

UAVs in operation present a distinct signature to the Radio Frequency Spectrum.  This makes it possible for the operator to identify the type of drone in use.

Identification of both UAV and Controller (C2):

The detection and location of a drone is paramount from a security perspective.  However, using SKYPERION, it is also possible to track and locate a UAV’s controller. 

SKYPERION Features and Benefits:

SKYPERION is a fully integrated, hybrid and scalable counter UAV system.  Designed as a multi-sensor solution, SKYPERION provides the operator with timely, accurate and actionable understandings of UAV activity.  Using a range of sensors and techniques, SKYPERION offers a high probability of interception across a wide range of targets.

SKYPERION gives the operators the capability to search, detect, identify, track and report unauthorised UAVs within a defined area.  The system is operational day and night, and works in all weather conditions.  SKYPERION’s benefits include:

  • Processing Exploitation & Dissemination (PED) for a defined list of target UAV systems
  • High probability of detection
  • Detection of UAV as early as possible
  • Detection of RCU unit also available
  • Autonomous operation
  • Low false-alarm rate
  • Searching a defined list of target UAV systems
  • Detecting a defined list of target UAV systems
  • Operational day and night
  • 360-degree hemispherical coverage
  • All-weather operations
  • Multiple, simultaneous UAV Search, Detection, Identification and PED