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METIS secure multi-million-pound contract with RAF.

METIS Aerospace is proud to deliver the SKYPERION drone detection system to the Royal Air Force as part of a research and development programme. As a modular and scalable solution, SKYPERION forms part of the ORCUS counter-drone system which will provide the UK with a national standby capability to support emergency services in the event of rogue drones.

The METIS team has successfully delivered four baseline systems to partner Leonardo UK and worked throughout the pandemic to reach this important milestone. As a research and development programme, the ORCUS system will play an important role in the testing and evaluation of other counter drone equipment and technology. The programme will continue to build knowledge on the threat posed by malicious and careless drone use. The system’s integrated capabilities will be employed to analyse the most effective response to a drone incursion in preparation for the next stage of counter drone technology.

The counter drone study is considered of high importance to national security. A hostile or rogue drone could be easily adapted to transport and detonate explosive or chemical weapons in crowded areas.

The disruption seen at Gatwick Airport in December 2018 testifies to the importance of an effective counter drone system. Alongside SKYPERION, elements of the ORCUS system were deployed at Gatwick and operated by the RAF Force Protection. The rapid intervention allowed normal operations to resume as quickly as possible. Following this involvement, METIS Aerospace were then awarded a contract to permanently install SKYPERION to detect and locate drones.

METIS Aerospace offers its market leading SKYPERION drone detection system for both civil and military customers worldwide. As a passive RF detection sensor, SKYPERION provides an accurate, timely and actionable understanding of drone activity within a user-defined perimeter.

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