SKYPERION activity at AEWE 2024










hashtagAEWE: Hasty Defence complete for metis and our hashtagSUPERION hashtagSKYPERION. Congested, Cluttered, Contested, Connected and Constrained is a fair assessment of the electromagnetic spectrum hashtagEMS we were attempting to understand today! A fantastic opport for metis to demonstrate our ability to not only detect, track and identify hashtagDTI COTS/MOTS drones; but we also successfully provided situational awareness hashtagSA and direction finding hashtagDF to Battalion HQ on enemy digital communications and uncrewed ground vehicles hashtagUGV fitted with .50cal in play. Planning day tomorrow prepping for Mission #2 on Thursday. hashtagHYPERION hashtagCEMA hashtagCUAS hashtagRFDF



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