Skyperion Systems

At METIS we are constantly researching new products and developing our own product set. Below is the list of our current product set.

Ruggedised System

With an in-built conditioning unit housed within the Sensor Processing unit, the SKYPERION Rugged is designed to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity.

Lightweight System

The Lightweight System is designed for more temperate conditions, or where weight is a factor. SKYPERION Lightweight retains all functionality of the Ruggedised version but has a reduced all-up weight owing to the removal of the conditioning pack from within the Sensor Processor unit. Ideally suited for use in areas that are less susceptible to extremes of weather or that can take advantage of extant infrastructure conditioning eg rack mounted in air conditioned vehicle / cabin etc.

Vehicle Mounted System

As well as being a land-based static, permanent/semi-permanent installation, SKYPERION can be provided as a vehicle mounted unit, with components readily installed on masts and in standard internal racking (to take advantage of extant vehicle conditioning).

Marinised System

SKYPERION Marine delivers full functionality with antenna and sensor processor units all housed within a marinised radome.

Body worn system

With scaled down form factor, the body worn SKYPERION has been developed for dismounted soldier / emergency services use.

Skyperion Benefits


Advanced Technology


Accurate and Timely


High Probability of Interception


Multiple, simultaneous UAV Search


Highly Configurable


Autonomous operation


All-weather operations


Operational day and night