Best-in-class counter drone detection technology.

See more, intervene earlier and resolve the situation in confidence. Harness the intelligent power of our counter drone detection solutions and gain complete visibility over unsolicited drone activity.

Drones are increasingly becoming a very real threat. Every day they’re becoming cheaper to buy, easier to operate and more advanced. So it stands to reason the technology designed to counteract them should be equally as agile, if not more so. But how do you protect against something if you don’t know it’s there in the first place?

The answer is, Skyperion. Versatile, responsive and highly adaptable, Skyperion is our field-proven, tried and tested counter drone detection solution. And it’s more than
a match for the modern world’s growing drone threat.

It’s easy to operate, with very little training, and takes full advantage of the latest cutting-edge radio frequency technology to provide a complete, 360° image of unsolicited drone activity. With Skyperion on your side, you’ll be able to mitigate the risk of a drone incursion more efficiently and safeguard your interests more comprehensibly.

Our team of experts have experience working with businesses, bodies and organisations from a whole host of different backgrounds, from the private to the public sector, right the way through to more military environments. And they want to hear about how you’d like Skyperion to work for you in your world.

Key Features



Not Library Restricted


Open ESM

AoA & TDoA Geo Location


Counter drone detection technology that’s a cut above the competition.

Skyperion can be installed as a land-based, permanent or semi-permanent static, a mobile, on-the-move vehicle-mounted unit, or as a marine-based system. If required, a body-worn version is also available.

Skyperion is a multi-sensor anti-drone solution. While a system with one sensor can reveal which direction a drone is operating from, an additional, second sensor provides a more accurate, detailed depiction of the drone’s location by detecting the threat from different angles.  

The system is designed to be capable of operating autonomously all year round. It can auto-alert a remote, non-dedicated operator to the presence of a rogue drone, instantly. 

Skyperion is easily operable with little to no training. It’s a simple, reliable and cost-effective counter drone detection solution. 

How can we make it happen for you?

Whatever your requirements, why not let our trusted experts guide you towards a more secure future? We’re ready to respond to your needs at a moment’s notice.