HYPERION Communications Intelligence/Signals system is compact, modular and scalable with a minimal SWaP. It operates stand-alone or as part of a node network, providing Spectrum Awareness and Spectrum Analysis.

HYPERION allows highly accurate signal detection, geolocation and tracking of Radio Frequency (RF) signals of interest. I/Q streaming allows on-board recording/processing and/or Reach Back, HYPERION can be fully customised to users’ requirements.

Advanced Technology

Accurate And Timely

High Probability of Interception

Highly Configurable

As a stand-alone fixed or mobile sensor, HYPERION can use Power on Arrival (POA) and/or Angle of Arrival (AOA). When part of a wider network (i.e. more than three sensors), HYPERION sensors offer highly accurate Time Difference on Arrival (TDOA) geolocation.

Whether determining changes from a baseline or exploiting signals of interest, the HYPERION system allows flexible configuration. It can be fitted to almost any mobile platform from wheeled vehicles and lightweight UAV/Octo-copters to large manned ISTAR platforms.

As a collection sensor, HYPERION can be used as a switch on and forget system, allowing transparent access for other users. Or it can be operated as a hands-on tool, offering full analytical capability. As a transparent node, HYPERION can record the streamed I/Q to storage for bandwidths/signals of interest. Or even fix data to the network with a light touch pass. Working remotely, it can also be tasked dynamically against signals of interest. And I/Q data can be streamed on request in real-time, bandwidth limitations allowing.

Hyperion signal detection

Strategic Support and Real-time Tactical exploitation

The system allows both Strategic support and real-time Tactical exploitation. It’s scalable enough to work in a variety of contexts – from guiding small foot patrols to aiding decision-making at Force Headquarters.


Ongoing Development

Metis are currently integrating Geophysical information and data-basing to provide users with tactical and strategic information in a wide variety of formats.

Open Architecture

Hyperion is an open architecture signal detection system. With minimal restrictions, it can be integrated into a wide range of mission systems and support Single Intelligence Environments.

Compatible with CFRS

It’s designed for Land/Air & Maritime and can work with the CFRS (Cambridge) Ltd static land nodes to create a fully integrated system.